NVidia Dual Core Tegra 250 Processor
If you’re wondering what’s the deal with the Nvidia Tegra 250, process this: incredible number crunching ability for ultra-responsive apps and buttery-smooth animations, coupled with amazing battery life that’ll last you for the long-haul. The Tegra SoC houses 8 independent processors - in addition to the two Cortex A9 cores, there are processors to accelerate audio and video, a GeForce GPU and more. Gamers - we’re talking about a truly immersive 3D gaming that won't drain your battery in the middle of a boss fight.
Transflective Screen
The Adam is your window to everything under the sun, and we’ve taken a lot of care to ensure that the display reflects just that. Flick through your e-book in bright sunlight, and the text reads as clearly as it would in the shade. Notion Ink’s patented work with ambient light sensors helps the Adam instinctively switch to the most appropriate display configuration based on your environment. You can choose your Adam with a back-lit LCD for vivid colors and a top-notch multimedia experience, or a transflective display for brilliant clarity and readability in the widest possible range of ambient light conditions. No matter which one you pick, the display clocks in an incredibly fast, video-capable refresh-rate of 65 fps compared to conventional e-ink, which does around 2-5 fps.
185° Swivel Camera
The swivel-camera is our point-of-departure from a fixed perspective. Pick your own frame - facing yourself (-5°) when you’re video chatting with a friend, at 90° to capture a live lecture or meeting, or at 180° for snapping photographs. Our proprietary Automatic View Rotation makes sure your images are always the right side up. Click, rotate, record and transmit: the Adam’s all-seeing eye makes sure it captures your favourite angle of the story.
1080p HD Video Output through HDMI
Got an HDTV? Plug the Adam in through the HDMI port provided, and voila, you’ve got your own media centre that plays just about everything, minus battery drain. Watch all your favourite movies come to life in seamless clarity, be it on your wide-screen television set, or on our tablet. The Adam delivers a stunningly realistic, energy-efficient viewing experience without a glitch.
Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
The Adam is an independent device that can hook you up to every wireless gadget in your network, from your favourite café’s Wi-Fi router to your Bluetooth headset. It sports the new 802.11n Wi-Fi specification that significantly boosts your download speeds. Surf, share, listen, and make all your split-second decisions on the fly: the built-in Bluetooth and Wireless help you connect to everything, and stay connected, effortlessly. Thinking 3G? The Adam also sports a SIM card slot and supports 3G HSPA, for shockingly fast browsing speeds. The onboard GPS makes for real-time navigation and enables a host of augmented reality apps that help you rediscover your local landscape.
microSD, USB and Mini USB Support
Who wouldn't want their entire movie library on their tablet? The Adam makes room for all your storage requirements, with a memory expandable up to 128GB. What’s more the internal file browser, titled Sniffer, locates your data in record time and makes transfers even faster. The Adam is perhaps the friendliest, Most open tablet around, and accepting almost all external memory sources. Add a microSD card, plug in your USB hard drive or connect directly to your computer through the mini-USB port, and you have instant access your music, presentations, photos and videos. You can even use the USB ports to connect keyboards and mice, or to juice up your phones or media players. With the Adam, take all the space you need, and build on it - it's a fully portable, pint-sized computer powered by the latest, ultra low-power technology.
Adobe AIR & Flash
The Adam comes bundled with Adobe Flash and is expected to support AIR when it launches. Riding on the processor’s awesome Flash Player acceleration, you can stream the best of video content at lightning speed and expect an extraordinary web experience.